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Do you remember your first cuddly toys from your childhood? I had a beloved teddy bear called Roxi, which I got from my parents. It was with me when I slept, played or went on trips. I took it absolutely everywhere and its presence made me feel calmer and happier. It stayed with me until the adulthood. Thanks to Roxi, I feel like my family home is right here with me, even though there is more than 1500km between us. So no wonder, that I feel so sentimental about it and it’s difficult to let it go. It’s my lucky charm.

Now that I’m an adult, I know that a cuddly teddy best friend is an important part of life – not only for a kid growing up but also for a parent who is raising a child. It’s useful in many situations…

When falling asleep and the toddler can cuddle with it’s favorite teddy and feel safe, even when the parent is not in the room. When they’re sleeping at their grandparents’ house or in a school trip. Many kids cannot fall asleep without their cuddly buddy.

It can help through difficult moments like the first day of day care or nursery. It will make the child feel safer, having something they know and recognize with them. A best friend like this will make the toddler settle down faster in a new place.

Often, cuddly toys are the first to learn of your child’s secrets, as they share their ups and downs with them. Of course, they can never replace parents, but they will surely be best friends for better or for worse, who will always be ready to play, no matter what. If your baby still doesn’t have a best friend like this, surprise them with one! These fantastic handmade Dressupbaby stuffed toys are perfect for that role!

Every Dressupbaby stuffed toy that we offer has a name and aid different needs of a child. They all have different characteristics and each with a unique story, every toy can become an ideal playtime best friend for your child.

Here are our teddies. They are available to buy in our shop.


lucky frog & crazy bear /£25.00 

cool cat & miss honey /£25.00

cool cat / £25.00

miss lemon / £25.00

flexi / £25.00

Photos taken by: Hubert Petrykowski

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