Leaves, trees and pumpkins everywhere…

I love this season. So many colours, yellow leaves, gentle sun beams and of course pumpkins. Many of them, in any market place or supermarket. Impossible not to notice. All this elements make magic atmosphere and Dressupbaby’s clothes are a perfect supplement. I invite to this Autumn land. Ksawery in the lead.

Keep worm in this Halloween evening.

All clothes available online (links below) or on Camden Market, London.

Fox Hat: http://www.dressupbaby.co.uk/product/fox-hat/
Dark Blue Reversible Jacket: http://www.dressupbaby.co.uk/product/reversible-jacket-dark-blue/
Toucans Sweatshirt: http://www.dressupbaby.co.uk/product/toucans-sweatshirt/
Blue Suspender Baggy Pants: http://www.dressupbaby.co.uk/pr…/blue-suspender-baggy-pants/


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