Look nice, feel nice – outfit for a boy.

“Heej… Moooom, come on… Hurry up!
It’s nice outside. I wanna play!
Where is my rabbit? Did You see my rabbit?
Ohh.. here it is!
Catch… hahahaha!”

Kids love playing outside.
Warm, comfortable and soft clothes is what they need.
Navy blue long sleeve with white piranhas combined with Burgundy Suspender Baggy Pants make nice combo.

Very cute, stylish dungarees and sweatshirt made from easy-to-wear fabric for a baby soft skin as well as being perfect for an everyday use. The legs are elasticated to ensure that the outfit stays in place and is comfortable for your little one. The cute piranha print will ensure that your little one stands out from the crowd.

Burgundy Suspender Baggy Pants / £15.00

Piranha Sweatshirt / £13.00

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